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Minimizing Screen Time Is Too Complicated

We are half way through the school year and most educators are still trying to figure out how to capture and keep their student audience while providing limited screen time. Minimizing screen time is an age-old battle that experts have been debating for years. Yet, in this very instance screen time is the only connection that virtual students have to normalcy. Some parents say, " teachers should teach a short concept and give students independent work," while others parents say, " I need my child connected to the teacher the entire day." Who wins in the battle of limited screen time?

If we really examine this question objectively, we will find that each advocate makes a great point. Some researchers believe that too much screen time causes obesity, anxiety, depression, and attention span problems in scholars. While other researchers believe that in this time of limited personal interactions the screen connects the child to things that they long for and desire, thereby extensive screen time prevents scholars from mourning what they do not have. Both are strong arguments. So, what do we do as educators?

As educators we continue to search for ways to best serve our scholars. We seek opportunities to minimize screen time. This may only be one day a week or it could be 30 minutes a day. However long, educators must take an intennional look at screen time and ensure that scholars receive exactly what they need to obtain success.

Teach...Reach...Inspire (LEI/ Learning Essentials Incorporated)

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