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Focus Areas


Distance Learning

Navigating Distance Learning during COVID-19 presented challenges for educators across the nation. Explore an essential learning system that will guide any educational program through strategies and practices that will support leaders as they implement a sustainable program on their campus. Leaders will be provided a step by step program that will provide a structured campus design for implementing structured learning, collaborative planning, instructional support, and parent outreach. Our program also provides the structures that will afford parents and students with a personalized educational experience. Take a look at the article that outlines a successful distance learning program. 

Innovative Teaching and Learning Solutions

Instructional delivery is an important component of student success. In a rapidly changing world it is important for education to transition to non- traditional teaching practices. Innovative school systems understand that innovation comes in many forms. Often educational structures may not have the financial ability to provide devices for all stakeholders, yet innovative practices can still be embedded in any school system. Learning Essentials is committed to the implementation of 21st century learning across the nation through personal interactions, classes, seminars, and workshops. Learning essentials can offer guidance and support to any educational system in building innovation capacity of all stakeholders, providing innovative educational delivery strategies, and assistance with navigating e-learning systems. Our consultants have experience in implementing STEM programs, providing professional development to educators regarding STEM instructional delivery, writing STEM curriculum, and alignment of literacy concepts and STEM.

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Parent Coaching

Parental guidance in navigating education for children is a necessity. All parents must understand communicating with teachers, administrators, and school systems. Parents must also be advised on the best schools for their child, how to identify best teaching practices, and ways to ensure academic success. Our consultants have been in education for over twenty years and offers the experience of public schools, charter schools, private schools, and universities. Our educators have worked in many different school programs including talented and gifted thereby granting parents a wide range of expertise to confidently maneuver any educational program. Our company can offer parents support and reliability in navigating any educational system to yield the maximum success for their child. 

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